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 [[http://​​2010/​01/​02/​become-a-windows-god-how-to-enable-godmode-on-windows-7/​|How to Enable GodMode on Windows 7]]\\ [[http://​​2010/​01/​02/​become-a-windows-god-how-to-enable-godmode-on-windows-7/​|How to Enable GodMode on Windows 7]]\\
 [[http://​​ntcacheset_e.html|NT Cache Setter]]\\ [[http://​​ntcacheset_e.html|NT Cache Setter]]\\
 +[[http://​​Software/​ADReportingTool/​Download.html|ADReportingTool]] ja [[http://​​Software/​ADTidy/​Download.html|ADTidy]]\\
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