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lingid:useful [2009/12/31 10:23] (Hetkel kehtiv)
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 +Here is some javascript, courtesy of drowsap, to display all photos in this thread. Just paste it into your URL bar and hit enter.
 +javascript: var x= $("​.content"​).find("​a"​).each(function(){var href=$(this).attr("​href"​);​if((!$(this).hasClass("​drowsapMorphed"​)) && ($(this).next("​.drowsapMorphed"​).length==0) && href && (href.indexOf('​imgur'​)>​=0 || href.indexOf('​jpeg'​)>​=0 || href.indexOf('​jpg'​)>​=0 ​ || href.indexOf('​png'​)>​=0)){var ext =(href.indexOf('​imgur'​)>​=0 && href.indexOf('​jpg'​)<​0 && href.indexOf('​png'​)<​0) ? '​.jpg'​ :'';​ var img = $("<​a class='​drowsapMorphed'​ href='"​+href+"'​ target='​blank'​ style='​display:​block'><​img style='​display:​block;​max-width:​780px;'​ src='"​+href+ ext+"'​ /></​a>"​);​$(this).after(img);​}});​
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